Result Epic eSports Apps Battle

Results for The Epic eSports Apps Battle are in:


theScore Esports vs. eSportLiveScore vs. Strafe vs. Instant Esport vs. Yahoo Esport


#1 theScore Esport

The winner of our eSports Apps Battle! What this application lack in terms of real-time live score updates, it makes up for in all other categories.  theScore Esport has an ok coverage of live at the moment but fail to deliver on too many top events. Something that we expect to see improvements for in the future. A must have app for anyone interested in eSports in our opinion. You can find iTunes and Google Play download here.

theScore Esports apps

#2 eSportLiveScore

If eSportLiveScore had been more comprehensive they would have clinched the first spot. But they focus only on Fixtures and Live Score. Since that is what they are so exceptionally good at it earned them the 2nd spot and a 4-star rating. This app is simply the best for Fixtures and real-time live coverage. Making it very useful when you need to follow matches that you are not able to watch live on stream. This app coupled with theScore Esport is our two must have eSports apps. This pretty much set you up with what you need when it comes to eSports apps. You can find iTunes and Google Play download here.

#3 Strafe

Strafe is a good app and well worth to check out. It is very similiar to theScore Esports app but the bar is set too high at the moment. Not surprising considering theScore annual revenue of over 12 million$ in 2015. So it is a case of David versus Goliath. In the long run it just doesn’t make sense in our opinion to use a free app that is inferior with a similar product. But with that said Strafe is a good application for eSport. You can find iTunes and Google Play download here.

EsportLiveScoreStrafe esports apps

#4 Instant Esport

Instant Esport is our Joker or big surprise in the app battles and an application to check out again in a year from now if they survive in the competitive landscape. At the moment they only cover League of Legends but does it extremely well. They are launching Dota 2 and Overwatch soon according to themselves so stay tuned to that. They have a small in-house writing team that produce news mixed with sourcing news from around the internet. If you are only interested in League of Legends this is a much have application. You can find iTunes and Google Play download here.

#5 Yahoo Esports

Yahoo Esport is the Behemoth of the app battles considering the company size. Besides their eSports app they have all the other Yahoo products, Tumblr and Flickr. With a revenue close to 5 billion$ I was expecting a much better product since the financials are there to back it up. But the app is plain and not very comprehensive and both theScore Esport and Strafe does a better job. I would not recommend this app for eSports when there are better free applications to use. You can find iTunes and Google Play download here.

InstantYahooEsports esports apps


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