eSport App Battles: Yahoo Esport

The App Battle Series:

theScore Esports vs. eSportLiveScore vs. Strafe vs. Instant Esport vs. Yahoo Esport

Following eSports can be a hassle with all the different sports, competitions and matches going on 24/7. So we decided to make an app comparison involving five of the most popular apps among eSports fans. We will go through and rank the following areas we consider to be of importance to the user to determine which is the best app:

  • Scores and Fixtures
  • Live
  • News
  • Customization (Able to create your own profile)
  • GUI – Graphical User Interface


Yahoo Esport

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Part V: Yahoo Esport


Yahoo Esport


Scores and Fixtures

Our second giant in for review. Along with theScore Esports these two have strong finances behind them. This fact make Yahoo Esport app disappointing. They cover 5 different esports: Counter-Strike:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of The Storm and Street Fighter. They have the standard Final Results and individual Map Results but they lack any sort of individual or historical stats. They only cover Tier 1 from what we have seen. The lack of in-depth data and only Tier 1 pales in comparison to the other contestants in the App Battle.


The app continues to disappoint when it comes to live. You will find the usual Match and Map Score along with a link to a Stream that cover the game, such as Twitch. Thats about it. They lack any in-depth data or individual stats. Something that is found in all other contestants in the App Battle.


Yahoo Esport Live


Yahoo Esport News

Finally an area where Yahoo Esport manage to deliver. Same as with theScore Esport they have their in-house staff that write all the news for their News Feed.


Yahoo Esport News



There is an  option to sort what eSports you want to follow and highlighting matches to get push notifications when a map or match is finished. These features are generic in our opinion and offers little to create your own personal experience within the app.


Yahoo Esport Customize



The design of the app is nice and manage to deliver the right atmosphere. The app is User-Friendly in part contributed by the fact that the reach of the app is not very extensive, simply put, there is not much to do in the app.


Yahoo Esport Rating


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