eSport App Battles: Instant eSport

The App Battle Series:

theScore Esports vs. eSportLiveScore vs. Strafe vs. Instant Esport vs. Yahoo Esport

Following eSports can be a hassle with all the different sports, competitions and matches going on 24/7. So we decided to make an app comparison involving five of the most popular apps among eSports fans. We will go through and rank the following areas we consider to be of importance to the user to determine which is the best app:

  • Scores and Fixtures
  • Live
  • News
  • Customization (Able to create your own profile)
  • GUI – Graphical User Interface


Instant Esport

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Part IV: Instant Esport




Scores and Fixtures

Instant Esport covers League of Legends. Dota 2 and Hearthstone is coming soon according to the team behind the app. As you can see by the picture they deliver Fixtures and Scores in a conveniant way. 


For their live section they deliver Match and Map Result along with Champions Stats, Gold Count. When they add more sports we should see similar summaries like Player Stats and Team Stats.


Instant Esport Livescore

Instant Esport News

Same as with theScore Esport this is where the app shines. They have their own in-house writing staff and they also feature articles from different sources like ESPN Esport and Daily Dot. Compared to Strafe their sourcing of articles works better as all content is automatically scaled to fit the screen of your device. Responsive apps is something we are used to in 2016. There is a toggle On/Off Read Mode when reading articles, toggle On will remove all unnecessary information and just focus on the content of the article.


Instant Esport News



The app allows you to create your own Profile and Feed based on Teams and Players. From our point of view the feed is pointless cause if we are interested in a team and player we would follow them on Twitter and through that feed get the news. The same Twitter feeds Instant Esport is using. But there are some useful features such as Overview where you find information about the team/player. There is a Stats tab where you find historical data.


Instant Esport Profile



Design of the app is great. Instant Esport manage to deliver the right atmosphere and it is a delight to navigate in. Very User-Friendly


Instant Esport Rating



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