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By now we hope you know that the people behind have a long history in sports betting.

Through the years we have used many different sportsbooks mainly for two reasons. Below we will go through the two reasons as to why we have accounts in many sportsbooks. Hopefully we will get you on the same page so you can make more money by using many different sportsbooks.


Why have many sportsbooks?


  • Get the best Odds at any given time
  • Bonus Hunting


Best Odds


Odds and markets are basically a commodity where you have many different merchants/sportsbooks selling their product/odds. The different sportsbooks looks pretty much the same. They have the Sports, the Leagues and Tournaments right. You will find all Matches played and Markets for all the matches. Markets such as Match Odds, Moneyline, Handicap Spreads, Over/Under Spreads etc.

You will find these markets in every sportsbook and they will look the same. SK Gaming to Win Map 1, Real Madrid -1.5, Manchester United versus Manchester City Over/Under 2.5 etc.

The difference between the sportsbooks are the Odds or as we like to call it, the Price.

You as a bettor should always want the best Odds to get a higher return on your bet right?


High Returns


If you have an account on Bet365 and you want to bet SK Gaming to Win at 1.75 you could do that. If you also had an account on Betway where the odds for SK Gaming to Win is 1.85 that would be the better bet. If you also had an account on Pinnacle where the odds for SK Gaming to Win is 1.933 that would be best option to bet.

These Sportsbooks are just an exampel and the prices are made up. But these are the kind of differences you see in different sportsbooks for the same Matches and Markets.
The reason why you see different Odds is because of the different opinions in the market and in the sportsbooks. It could also be a case where a sportsbook is slow at updating the odds after the market moved. If you have many accounts in different sportsbooks you are able to take advantage of a slow odds adjustment and get better value on your bet.

20% more money betting using different sportsbooks


Pinnacle Sportsbook


If you do not have the possibility of opening many accounts then we recommend you to use Pinnacle Sports. The average sportsbook margin is usually around 93.3% and Pinnacle Sports have an average margin close to 96%.

There is a fundamentally invalid argument among sports bettors that you do not need any other sportsbooks besides Pinnacle Sports. It is true that they are the best but often enough you will see better prices in other sportsbooks making it necessary to have many accounts in different sportsbook in order to take advantage of the best odds, get the best value and highest possible winnings for the bet you are placing.

In the bottom of this page you can find a link to a guide explaining how to effectively use many sportsbook in terms of payments processes and managing a bankroll that is spread out over several sportsbooks.

We Recommend Pinnacle sports



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Pinnacle Sportsbook


All Sportsbooks


Bonus Hunting in Sportsbooks


Can sometimes also be referred to as Bonus Whoring. As you might have noticed sportsbooks and casinos usually offer bonus and promotions in different forms:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • Free Bets
  • Free Spins


The sportsbooks offer these in order to attract new customers and usually there are Terms and Conditions to be fulfilled in order for you to fully take advantage of the bonus.

For example there can be a 10x turnover requirement for the amount you deposited in order for you to be able to withdraw the 100% Bonus that was added on top of yor deposit.

Taking advantage of bonuses in different sportsbooks will give you a nice boost in your bankroll. Bonus Whoring is especially effective as you are starting out with betting and want to grow your bankroll quicker. Sportsbooks however do not like when you deposit, abuse the bonus and then withdraw your funds and repeat abuse of reload bonuses and free bets could get you restricted in their sportsbooks or casino.

Best thing to do in our opinion is to not withdraw all your funds after a bonus is cleared and instead keep the funds available in order to put you in a position where you can take advantage of the best price for the bet you want to place as we described above “Best Odds”.

Below you can find a link to a guide about Bonus Hunting.