Rise of Mobile Esports Clash Royale Vainglory

 The Rise of Mobile Esports

Mobile Esports Gameplay Vainglory

Gameplay of Vainglory – One of the largest mobile Esports


Esport landscape is changing


What we are used to seeing in Esport are PC and console gaming. With PC dominating the field of Esport. But recently we have seen a new type of Esport gaining popularity, when the Esport professionals of these tournaments take their seats on the big stage in front of a cheering crowd its not next to a PC or console, but in front of a smartphone or pad.

Now and in the future we will continue to see viewership, price money and sportsbook odds mainly driven by the most popular PC Esports, but mobile Esports are slowly getting recognition in the rapidly developing Esport scene. Earlier this year we started seeing Vainglory odds across a number of sportsbooks and Pinnacle started offering Clash Royale odds back in February 2017.


Vainglory World Championship Mobile Esports

Super Evil Megacorp by VICE Sport – Mobile Esport at the Vainglory World Championship 2016


Anti-Mobile Sentiment


Because of the dominance by PC and console titles there has been a widespread anti-mobile sentiment for many years. Effectively making it hard for titles to garner the popularity they deserve considering the widespread use of mobile phones and pads. Traditional Esports have a relatively high entry barrier due to system requirements and expensive equipment. Handheld does not have the barriers you may encounter in League of Legends or Overwatch and almost every person around the world have a mobile phone used in daily life. Slowly the anti-mobile sentiment have softened over the years, much thanks to Vainglory and the developers over at Super Evil Megacorp. Super Evil Megacorp early set out to get legitimacy as an Esport and their biggest challenge has been to educate the market that the format is viable and a great pastime.


Different mobile Esports


Vainglory is regarded as the largest mobile Esport and we have seen Clash Royale claiming awards since its inception in mid 2016. These two Esport titles get thrown around a lot when discussing handheld Esports. But what most sources fail to mention is the real giant King of Glory by Tencent. While many people wont recognize the title of the KoG they will recognize the name Tencent as the owners of Supercell (Clash Royale) and RIOT (League of Legends).


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Vainglory is the pioneer title in mobile only esport, the developers Super Evil Megacorp released the game back in 2015. The developers has successfully been fighting hard to get Esport legitimacy with a mobile game. In December 2016 the first Vainglory World Championship was held in Las Vegas where 12 teams competed for the glory and prize pool of 120,000$. If you are curious about the game you can download it from Google Play and Apple App Store. If you are interested in betting on Vainglory you can find more information here.



King of Glory


The reason why King of Glory or Honour of Kings flies under the radar is because the game is primarily played in China where it dominates the mobile gaming market. The game is estimated to have over 50 million active users, daily. Tencent are surely happy with the popularity of KoG as it has proved to be a cashcow bringing in approximately 810,000,000$ in revenue only during the first quarter of 2017. King of Glory is a 5v5 MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The game is yet to garner any popularity in the west but if you are curious about the game you can download the western version “Strike of Kings”from Google Play or Apple App Store.



Clash Royale


Clash Royale was from the outset developed to be a Esport. Building from the success of Clash of Titans the developers Supercell wanted create a similar game tailored to suit the Esport format. Judging by the very controversial award “Esport of the Year” by BAFTA back in April Supercell succeeded with their mission. Probably the British Academy of Film and Television Arts shouldn’t be trusted as a primary source of credibility in Esports. But the fact that Clash Royale is popular and getting the recognition it deserves can not be ignored. We are excited by the future of Clash Royale and what Supercell can bring to the table. If you are curious about the game you can download it from Google Play and Apple App Store. If you are interested in betting on Clash Royale you can find more information here.




The Future of Mobile Esports


While Mobile Esports still receive a lot of negativity and the prize pools are dwarfed by the traditional PC and console Esports we think that Mobile Esports has a very bright future. Due to the platform being easily accessible compared to system requirements of traditional Esports we believe that Mobile Esports will see moderate growth short term and tremendous growth from today level over long term period, where prize pools could be on the level of major tournaments in traditional Esports like CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2. Consider Tencent with their ownership of major Esport titles and the money backing up Clash Royal and King of Glory (Strike of Kings). With time we should see a lot more options to bet on Mobile Esports in sportsbooks.


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