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Rocket League is one of it’s kind in Esport where as most sports are MOBA or FPS. Rocket League stands out of the crowd in it being a mix between Soccer and Motorsports.

It’s placed in the Battle Arena genre. It’s cross platform and gained popularity quickly both among gamers and instantly gained Esport recognition. The transition for sportsbooks to offer odds on Rocket League has been slower. It is rarely present in sportsbooks but it is slowly getting there and we are very exicited about it as Rocket League is fun to watch and fun to bet on.

Compared to a game like Overwatch which can be hard to follow unless you are familiar with it, Rocket League is the opposite as the game is very straightforward much thanks to the Soccer element of the gameplay. Making Rocket League betting a lot of fun.

You will find streams on Twitch, Smashcast, D!ngIt, hitbox when there are big cups and league matches available for betting. There is a popular application that gives you Livescores and Fixtures for you mobile or pad: eSportLiveScore

We do betting tips for Rocket League when there are matches available – given that there are good bets to be found. Here is a link to our current and past Rocket League betting tips




In 2018 we hope that Rocket League will continue to grow on all levels. Get a bigger player base on amateur/leisure level which will create more grassroot organisations and amateur teams. This will ultimately impact the professional scene with more players and teams.

As popularity grows so will revenues from advertising do. More revenues across Rocket League and we will see larger prize pools and hopefully more tournaments and teams on all levels of RL. At this point RL should be available more regularly in sportsbooks and enable us to bet Rocket League more frequently!

Out of all the Esports that have come up in the last two years or so we believe that Rocket League have the best chances to stay around for a long time. Mostly because of how easy it is to understand the match. In most other Esports you need to have in-depth knowledge about game play and objectives. RL is straightforward in that sense, two teams 2-5 players in each team, get that damn ball in the net. Everyone knows how football works, Rocket League is in its essence very much the same.

The creators, Psyonix, recently said that because of the huge popularity of the game they will not release any sequels to Rocket League. Instead they will add new features and content to the game over several years time. A new R&D department has been setup to explore new possibilities to grow the game. Great stuff!




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Information about Rocket League Esports



Official website of Rocket League: Rocket League


Major Rocket League Tournaments and Leagues



Rocket League Championship Series


Also known as RLCS. The Championship series is played across two regions: Europe and North America. Likely that we will see APAC joining soon.

This is the most prestige tournament in Rocket League esports because you have the absolute top teams from each region competing against eachother. The top teams from each region qualify for the LAN finals. The LAN is considered the Rocket League World Championship.

The current World Champions of Rocket League are Gale Force eSports and the players ViolentPanda from Netherlands, Kaydop from France and Turbopolsa from Sweden. The prize pool of Rocket League Championship Series LAN finals Season 4 was $150,000 where Gale Force eSports took home $55,000 in first prize. Turbopolsa is the only Rocket League professional to play win back-to-back RLCS championships.

The bottom two teams of RLCS are demoted to Rocket League Rival Series (see below).

Official Twitch channel of Rocket League Championship Series


Rocket League Rival Series


Also known as RLRS. This is a minor Rocket League series. It is the second division of the aforementioned Rocket League Championship Series. Both RLCS and RLRS run parallel to eachother.

Same as RLCS you have two regions: Europe and North America. The top two teams qualify for the following season of RLCS. 3rd and 4th spot remain in the Rival Series while the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th need to re-qualify via open qualifiers in order to remain in the Rival Series.

The prize pool here is small, only $25,000. The major driver for the teams participating in Rival Series is to qualify for RLCS.

Official Twitch channel of Rocket League Rival Series


Rocket League Universal Open


The Universal Open is the second biggest Rocket League Esports tournament and differs from the other tournaments by being 2-player and not the usual 3-player. Here you have most of the top organisations competing with a splash of lower tier teams and mixes thanks to it being Universal allowing more regions to participate and qualify for the LAN action.

The prize pool is big at $100,00 as of Universal Open Season 1. Season 1 was the first time we saw a large scale 2-player tournament.

Here again we saw Gale Force eSports win with the players Kaydop and ViolentPanda. They took home the lion share of the prizepool: $32,500.

Official Twitch channel of Rocket League Universal Open


Other Pro Rocket League tournaments



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