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Esports Betting A-Z


The E in Esports stands for Electronic. This is the major different between conventional sports and Esports as Esports takes place in front of a screen – TV, Desktop Monitor, LAptop, Pad or Mobilephone.

The most popular genres in Esports are:

  • MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • FPS – First-Person Shooter
  • RTS – Real-Time Strategy
  • Fighting
  • Sports
  • Racing


Esportsbetting Egamingbet



Short introduction to Esports


Candy Crush Saga?


Candy Crush Saga is hugely popular and can be played on any device, why can’t it be an Esports? First of all because it sucks. Second of all because of the huge element of RNG in Candy Crush Saga. RNG stands for Random Number Generator. The higher RNG you have in a game the less skill it requires to win a round or match since the outcome is random.

Generally to have successful Esports you need as little RNG as possible. Same as in sports, people want to watch Esports where skill factor is the deciding factor with little luck involved.

For Esports betting the skill factor is important as we need a predictable match in order for the sportsbooks to compile odds based on how good the teams are and surrounding circumstances with a missing player or similar.


The most popular Esports?


The most popular Esports that are available for betting in 2018 is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and Overwatch. We are constantly seeing more Esports introduced in sportsbook. Most recently Pinnacle sports started offering Rainbow Six Pro League.

If you are intersted in reading more  about Esports you can visit this link.


Esportsbetting Egamingbet

Esports Betting


Betting is the number one driving factor in making an Esports big enough to attract large investments and longevity. Sponsorship, investments and viewership all comes down to betting.

Thanks to betting the NFL and English Premier League is and continues to be what it is today. Betting drives viewership numbers and the rest follows. People watch the game and some some thrill and excitement, otherwise it is only interesting to hardcore fans and teams following their favorite teams. It has been like this since the time of ancients, betting has been around and driven popularity and longevity since the Roman Theaters to the ESL Pro League finals in CSGO 2018.

An Esports where Esports betting is not available will not make it to a large audience and thus will not attract sponsorship, investments and larger prize pools. These Esports will die a slow and painful death if they ever take off in the first place.

Esports that are offered for Esports betting on a regular basis have a much greater chance to stick around for many years for these reasons. These Esports will have a growing and evolving professional player base, fan base and money coming in.

The dark side of Esports betting is match fixing and the growing threat to integrity in Esports and professional players.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic you can visit this link.


Esportsbetting Egamingbet

Where to bet on Esports?


Our top three sportsbooks to bet on Esports is:


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Find a full list of where to bet on Esports here together with sportsbook reviews.


Esportsbetting Egamingbet

How to bet on Esports?


Our fundamentals to Esports betting:


  • Value
  • Quality
  • Long term
  • Quantity




The most important thing when betting on Esports is to only place bets when there is value. If you stick to this rule you will end up winning money over the long run, placing bets with good value will make you a winner. Here is a link to an article on Value and Value betting.

If you are looking for a sportsbook with the best Esports odds and best value – you should open an account with Pinnacle.




Stick to principles around your bets and how you evaluate them. Why is it a good bet? Why is there value? How come the sportsbook is wrong and I am right? Make a list on valuation principles and factors, go through your procedures every time you evaluate a bet and you will end up with high quality bets. This type of approach is more likely to yield positive results. eGamingBet betting tips usually contain some valuation processes to showcase thought processes and methods on how and why we place a bet.




Esports betting and betting in general is a marathon and not a sprint. You should always keep the perspective of ‘over the long run’. If you consistently place bets with value you will make money long term. You could see losses short term and you might see losses stretching over a long period of time but with a true long term perspective, not stopping at one or two years or 500 or 1500 bets you will eventually see positive results. Downswings are not uncommon, if you are unlucky downswings can drag on for quite some time. If you ask someone with a long career in sportsbetting it is not uncommon they had losing stretches for a whole year or more.

Only bet when the sportsbook odds are off compared to your own valuation.




Different sportsbooks offer different odds. The valuation in different sportsbooks usually differ with a few cents. In your career you will place a lot of bets so it makes sense to always place bets with the bookmaker that have the best odds. Most of the time Pinnacle will offer the best odds thanks for their low margins, an account with them is a must. But a lot of the time you will find better odds at other sportsbooks and you want to take advantage of this.

If you buy something you generally want the best price, the same is true for sportsbooks. In order to do this you need to open accounts with many different sportsbooks and spread you bankroll out. Instead of keep all your money with one sportsbooks you divide it and spread it across many sportsbooks to take advantage of the best value offered. You should keep the majority of your bankroll with Pinnacle.

You can find a full list of our sportsbooks here.

You can find more information about betting on Esports and our betting tips here.


Esports betting bonus


It is a good idea to look for sportsbook bonuses to build a bankroll and get some extra value. Most of our sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses, re-deposit bonuses and free bets. If you don’t already have accounts you should start bonus hunting aka ‘bonus whoring’ in all the sportsbooks that are available. Most sportsbooks and casinos offer bonus and promotions in different forms:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • Free Bets
  • Free Spins


Taking advantage of bonuses in different sportsbooks will give you a nice boost in your bankroll. Bonus whoring is especially effective as you are starting out with betting and want to grow your bankroll quicker. Sportsbooks however do not like when you deposit, clear the bonus systematically and then withdraw all your funds, they might restrict your and make future bonuses and promotions unavailable.

Best thing to do in our opinion is to now withdraw all funds after a bonus is cleared and instead keep funds available. This way you can take advantage of situations when the bookmaker offer the highest odds on something you want to bet. It will also keep you eligible for future bonuses and promotions.


Esportsbetting Egamingbet